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Make Palindrome

By definition palindrome is a string which is not changed when reversed. "MADAM" is a nice example of palindrome. It is an easy job to test whether a given string ...

Help the man move the wolf, sheep and cabbage to the opposite shore

a guard has to take a wolf, a sheep and cabbage across a stream in a boat. the boat has room for the guard and one of the above.

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Cube coloring problem

You have a normal six sided cube. How many different cubes can you make by painting each side using one of six colors?
If you can rotate two cubes to ...

Some triangle has all its sides the same color

Six points in general position are given in three dimensional space. The 15 segments joining them in pairs are colored individually either red or blue at random. Prove that some ...

Sum of subarray

Given an array of integers your task is to find the subarray with the sum 0.

Using same approach find the longest subarray that sums to a number greater ...