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Uncorrelated vs. Independent

(1) If the correlation between two normal random variables is 0, can we say these two random variables are independent?
(2) What if two t-distributions with same parameter?

Information propagation

n people, each has some information denoted by i_n.
Every time, one people A can only make a phone call to another people B to
tell B the information he ...

Three wise men

Three wise men are locked in three rooms. Each day there there is, or there
is no light in each room.
During a certain finite initial period there is no ...

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There are two identical circles on the wall, not overlapped. you throw arrow to the wall, if hit inside any of the circles, you get 1, if outside, you get ...

Find the majority element

Given an array of size N, determine if there is a majority element that has appeared more than N/2 times.
Output this element if the answer is Yes.