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When M.A.E is preferred over M.S.E.? How to optimize the former, since it's not 2nd derivable?

Alice and Bob

Alice and Bob play a game in which they take turns
removing stones from a heap that initially has n stones.
The number of stones removed at each turn must ...

Sum of Uniform Random Varibles

X1, X2,...,Xn are independent random variables, uniformly distributed on [0,1]. What is the probability that X1+X2+...Xn<1.

Basketball scores

A basketball player is taking 100 free throws. She scores one point if the ball passes through the hoop and zero point if she misses. She has scored on her ...

Cutting a Necklace

Two professors of mathematics steal a valuable necklace made up of beads of different types. They wish to divide the loot fairly but, although they know some mathematics, they have ...